Palm King Marketing Sdn Bhd is a comprehensive agriculture tools marketing company based in Selangor, Malaysia. Over the years, we have found our niche and focus on offering innovative agriculture tool solutions to help businesses like yours to smoothen the process of harvesting for palm oil and provide safe harvesting for the workers.

Our products included WORLD'S FIRST INTERNATIONAL PATENTED PALM SICKLE, rubber tapping knife, special axe, harvesting sickles, harvesting chisels, special hook, loading spikes, axe with handle, bush knife, grass knife and accessories to fulfil your needs for outstanding tools.

To improve the safety and productivity of harvesters in the agricultural sector, especially the oil palm industry.

To improve the efficiency and solving problems faced in harvesting processes.

To reduce costs of the farmers/ planters by inventing and improving harvesting tools at all times.

19 Jalan Ria Taman Ria 42600, Jenjarom,
Selangor, Malaysia

TEL: +603-3191 6535

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